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We can provide a speaker for your event

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Subjects include all aspects of Coventry life - history, localities, industry, sport music and literature. Talks can be tailored to your requirements (e.g. the history of the area covered by your residents association, the history of the venue of your corporate event, the local history of particular sports and pastimes). Examples of our offerings:

Conflict in Coventry The story of how Coventry has been affected by and overcome conflict over 1000 years. Viking invaders, early civic strife, the Wars of the Roses, Gunpowder Plot, English Civil War, the Great War and the Coventry Blitz  are topics covered in this talk.

Caludon Castle - Centre of Culture

Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream is said to have been commissioned for a Berkeley family wedding. Henry (godson of Henry VIII) and Katherine Berkeley were the last aristocrats resident at Caludon Castle. During their time Caludon was a centre of culture with the Berkeleys showing a keen interest in literature, music, affairs of the day and astronomy - among many other subjects. Hear about the Berkeleys, royal connections with Caludon, further links with Shakespeare and a history of the estate going back to the times of Godiva.


Sport & Pastimes in Coventry Through the Centuries: From medieval archery, 19th century bare knuckle boxing and horse racing through 20th century social clubs, lost stadiums, highs and lows of our professional teams to the present day.

A Literary City Coventry's links with some of the literary "greats" - hear about Coventry's influences on the works of Shakespeare, Tennyson, George Eliot, Larkin and others through the ages.

Coventry & the Canal Network  Coventry's canal was commisioned by local colliery owners and linked their product to the city's factories, power plants and houses. The canal was central to James Brindley's vision linking all of England's main navigable waterways together.

Industrial Upheaval Coventry has a history of industrial upheaval from medieval times to the modern day. We have experienced booms and slumps throughput the centuries and have seen huge technological changes, social movements, strike waves and reforms.

The Godiva Story  What was behind the story of Godiva's naked ride through Coventry? Hear about Viking raids, harsh taxation, urban destruction and defiance in the Earldom of Mercia.

Monks, Martyrs, Monarchs and Paupers - The turbulent story of Whitefriars (home of Carmelite Monastry, Victorian Workhouse and venue of a visit from Elizabeth I.

Rates are £50 for a one hour talk. My talks also offered on a "pay as you feel" basis (i.e. participants may make a contribution at the end of the talk) for community groups and charities. 

Contact Phil at to discuss your requirements.

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