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Rambling back.....

After a bit of a break from the blog and a bit of a slowdown generally due to health issues (and more recently the "lockdown" which has affected us all) I thought it was about time for an update and return to regular postings.

In July last year I gave myself a year to work on my "Coventry Ramble" project. The idea was to tell the sories of the places around Coventry that I would visit whilst offering my "on foot services" - including local walking tours, dog walking, leaflet delivery for local businesses as well as taking extra time to visit, research and report on interesting areas and sites. The current restrictions have obviously impacted on the places I can visit - as I don't drive my daily walks can't take me more than 30 minutes from home to be able to get back within the 60 minutes allowed - meaning several visits to Stoke Floods, Caludon Park and local stretches of the Sowe Valley path. All have their own stories and interesting past (tomorrow I'll be posting about Caludon's links with Shakespeare and St George!).

I will be spending the next few weeks pulling together the material that I've collected, researched and developed over the last few months into a version worthy of a publication in itself and investigating how best to publish but intend for it to be up and running in some form to be on offer for the "City of Culture" year.

I'm aiming to post at least every few days - themes over next week will include thoughts on the lockdown, Sky Blues hopes for promotion, some book reviews and general rambly thoughts on our city!


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