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Junk Food Stew

I have just enjoyed a stew for my evening meal. A junk food stew. It was more appetising than my naming of it suggests with the ingredients actually being pretty healthy. The ingredients were vegetables that I had picked up earlier in the day from the Coventry Real Junk Food Project - a social enterprise based in Foleshill which takes food which would otherwise be wasted, sells it on at very affordable prices and provides nutritious meals on a "pay as you feel" basis to its customers at Foleshill Baptist Church Hall on a Friday lunchtime. The project will be on a break for a short while but will return in September and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone living on a budget, looking at a sustainable lifestyle or just wishing to reduce food waste. About a third of the world's food is wasted whilst many go hungry and we face a crisis of how to deal with the waste of an ever expanding consumer society.

The stew followed a real junk food lunch of jacket potato, cheese and salad - which followed a breakfast including my second year's crop of berries from plants donated through freecycle

(Coventry Freegle worth a look every day!). I'm under no illusions that my eating habits are likely to transform the world but believe that alternatives to food waste and wasteful production. transportation and disposal methods should be encouraged. I shall be looking at the Real Junk Food Project and other local groups promoting more sustainable methods of feeding us as my ramble continues over the next few weeks.........

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