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It is now four weeks since I launched my "Coventry Ramble" project. I am aiming for it to conclude in a publication loosely based on my "ramblings" on here as well as my actual ramblings as I wander around Coventry carrying out my on foot services (deliveries, dog walking, and guided historical walks) and generally just walking about!

Having just completed a stint of delivering electoral returns envelopes I am about to get on with my de-cluttering exercise mentioned a few days ago. One of the themes of my project is sustainability and I shall be discussing local trading schemes, enterprises and charities geared towards reducing waste, recycling and promoting sustainable lifestyles in coming posts.

I am personally attempting to fully get into the spirit of sustainability by trying to completely (or as much as possible) eliminate waste from my household. As far as possible I'll be trying to achieve a "zero spend" through use of what is available through projects like freecycle, growing food (I've not got beyond fruit this year) and foraging for wild foods and other such tactics! There are of course limitations to how achievable this is - I'm not about to turn my back on the national grid, broadband access or other utilities just yet but have worked to cut consumption to a minimum. Dog food is also an essential!

In an earlier post I mentioned carrying out an audit of my house listing jobs that need doing. I'm intending that "clutter" around the house becomes building and decorating material is usable or goes to freecycle or charity shops if no use to me. My approach will be simply to work downstairs back to front, upstairs back to front putting any materials around my house to work (and putting out freecycle requests and eyeing up skips for any not immediately available), consulting youtube and library books where I need to learn techniques. So off to the bathroom at the back of my house which needs attention top to bottom - plumbing, flooring, plastering, tiling and painting needed - so I'm off to make a start before any more rambling on (updates to come).......

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