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Caludon Castle - preparing for a midsummer's stroll

I am a regular visitor to Caludon Park in Wyken - walking my dog Spike there several times a week including an early morning visit today. I shall be recommencing my historical guided walks with an offering at Caludon Park next Saturday morning (June 22nd 10.45 am).

It seems apt to offer a midsummer's stroll around the park and ruins of Caludon Castle as Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is said to have been commisioned for the wedding of Thomas Berkeley and Elizabeth Carey. Caludon was residence to Henry and Katherine Berkeley (Thomas' parents) at the time. Henry was godson to Henry VIII and the couple were the last aristocrats resident at Caludon, During their time the castle was a centre of culture. The family had a keen interest in music. literature, affairs of the day, astronomy together with the traditional aristocratic pursuits of hunting and falconery.

The history of the Caludon estate stretches back to the times of Godiva and is associated with events of national significance over the years. I would thoroughly recommend John Clarke's book "A History of Caludon Castle" to anybody interested in Coventry's history.


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