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Back on the trail of the dogs and the hermits.....

Following the lifting of restrictions I am aiming to get my Coventry themed local history talks, walks and research services up and running again. I intend to post regular blog entries here and build on some of the themes which I had been exploring pre-lockdown.

Readers of my blog may recall that I had been engaged in a couple of quests to unearth historical details relating to my immediate neighbourhood. A look back at entries will show that I had been trying to learn about a local hermit (or hermits) who had been resident on the Caludon Castle Estate. The land which my house was built on was part of that estate and my road gets its name as it was built on part of Hermitage Farm which in turn had been known as "The Hermitage" as in previous times it was the dwelling place of at least one hermit. I had started to explore this theme in my previous blog entries, "Hermitage Farm" and "A hermit lived here". More will come as I strive to uncover the story of the elusive hermit who lived in the shadow of aristocrats.

Another project of mine involves delving further into a stadium which sat at the end of what is now Hermitage Road from the late 1920s (predating the road's construction). Although situated in Wyken the site was known as "Walsgrave Greyhound Stadium" and is featured in my blog entries "Flapping around in Wyken" and "Dog racing, profanities, paganism and healthy smoking - all in one day!". I shall be carrying out some research to find out as much as possible about the site which seems to have largely slipped out of local memory and will be reporting on here.

I am relaunching my guided walks on an "on-demand" basis at first and will look at accommodating individuals and small groups at times and dates suitable for their needs. Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a walk. Details of walks offered are on my site at

More to come soon - hopefully some interesting snippets regarding dogs and hermits!

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