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A step back on the ramble....

I am using this blog as a rough framework for my "Coventry Ramble" project. The idea is to take locations and themes relevant to my regular walks (and sometimes bus rides) around the city and expand upon them. My intention is that my thoughts on the City's history and current affairs can be pulled together into a publication which will also relate my own stories, family recollections and experiences related to me by Coventry people.

I launched this project in July this year and have recorded many thoughts in this blog. I have often expressed my intention to explore and research themes further and have come across many people that I have intended to talk to with this in mind. I have reached a point where it is necessary to take a step back and look over ground covered so far to be in a position to get the most out of moving the project forward (much like an actual "ramble" !).

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be looking back and working on a more rigid plan for research, discussions and development of my material and will keep these entries to a minimum for a short while.

There are some themes which I'll likely be concentrating my (often limited!) energy on when the entries get a bit more regular (and focused!) again. This week we saw parliament voting for a general election which will be held in December. I have mentioned that I would be looking at Coventry’s political and electoral history and now seems a topical time to do it.

Last week I attended an event addressed by local historian, author and campaigner Cathy Hunt about roles played by women in Coventry over a century roughly from the 1850s to 1950s. The talk included her giving a brief background of the city's first two women councillors (elected remarkably shortly after women winning the right to vote). The period following WW1 is a fascinating one when considering Coventry's local politics and one that I shall be commenting further on shortly (I can't help making these promises!).

So after a busy few weeks apologies for a lack of regular updates. After a mid-ramble pause I'll be back looking at Coventry politics, social and industrial history and all those loose threads yet to be tied up ...........

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