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A Hermit Lived Here

A Hermit lived here. That's why my road is called Hermitage Road. Hermitage Road after Hermitage Farm (also known as "The Hermitage") which was part of the Caludon Castle estate.

Lords dwelt here. Segraves, Mowbrays, Berkeleys and others at the Castle named for the "flat topped hill" - the old English derivation of Caludon. Royals, the Bard and famed musicians all knew the place which grew on the site of Godiva's domain.

This was Godiva's land and close by to the Hermitage is Tennyson Road named after the Lord Alfred who told her story - so fitting that he has a road in our own Poet's Corner.

At the eastern end of Hermitage Road was a greyhound track back in the 1930s. Where once Lords chased deer and ladies flew falcons (Merlins to be precise) the miners, the builders, labourers and dealers were there to pursue their chase.

Plenty of stories to come from all this - stay tuned and watch this space!

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