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My book collection is growing after attending two events organised by the Stoke Local History Group in the last three days. Friday saw the visit of Peter Walters to Stoke library to give a talk on his new publication "The Little History of Coventry" - a slimmed down and updated version of his "The Story of Coventry" The new book covers over a thousand years of history succinctly to leave the reader well informed. In his talk Peter mentioned incidences of pressganging in 18th century Coventry - a subject that I would like to pursue further as one of my own ancestors was pressganged into service himself (albeit not in Coventry). I also look forward to purchasing a copy of prominent local historian David McGrory's new book looking at the military history of Coventry - the reviews suggest that this is another must read book uncovering plenty more of Coventry's less known past.

Today I went along to a guided walk at London Road Cemetery - it was an excellent event. The guide, Ian Wooley kept almost thirty of us informed and entertained for about two and a half hours - quite a feat. Ian gave us a who's who of prominent Coventrians (both native and adopted) to the backdrop of Joseph Paxton's 19th Century cemetery. We heard about pioneering industrialists, founders of local (and not so local) sports clubs, politicians, military men and tragedies at sea. Ian's walks are a must for anybody interested in the history of Coventry and after a taste of his enthusiasm a purchase of his book "A Victorian Resting Place For a Growing Industrial City" was a must! '

I've been making preparations for my own guided walk about the history of Caludon Castle - Wednesday 11th September 6,30pm - Ramble over for a stroll in the park!

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