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A Coventry Way

I spent some of Wednesday helping out with a work party from the “A Coventry Way Association” helping to clear and maintain local footpaths. If you are a local walker voluntary help on these work parties (usually on the third Wednesday of each month) would be appreciated.

A Coventry Way is a circular walk stretching 40 miles around Coventry in the Warwickshire countryside. The path is quite accessible from the City – it doesn’t stretch beyond more than 6.5 from the City boundary at any point.

I shall be walking the Coventry Way (as well as the 21 supported circular walks around it) over the coming months and shall post accounts on here. The association have recently published a 2019 guide to the full footpath and an accompanying pamphlet detailing the shorter circular walks.

Details of the “A Coventry Way” can be found at :

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