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A Coventry Ramble....

Having set up my "In Godivas Footsteps" business last Autumn I have decided to formalise things a bit (albeit in a rather informal way!). Today I am launching a project which I intend will eventually lead to a publication about all things Coventry and sustainable living.

One of the aims of my business / lifestyle has been to promote sustainability. My intention has been to sustain myself mostly through the "on foot services" which I have been offering. Over the last few months these services have included historical guided walks, dog walking, and leafleting for local enterprises. I have also worked as a volunteer at a local historical site and for a social enterprise which targets reduction of food waste.

I shall be using this blog as a diary over the next year to record my activities on this project and intend to post on here most days. I'll be describing the history and current affairs of the locations my on foot services take me around and looking at ways to get by without wastage whilst enjoying what I'm doing. I'll be looking at some of the footpaths around Coventry this week armed with a pocket sized edition of Richard Mabey's "Food fo Free" ! Keep an eye on this blog to see how I get on.


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